EXCLUSIVE: Watch Goody Grace Perform 'Scumbag' and Try Blink-182 Trivia

How well does he know his favorite band?

February 25, 2020

Goody Grace has continued his collaboration hot streak with “Scumbag,” linking up with his favorite band, blink-182. The Canadian singer and songwriter has been a big fan forever, somehow turning a backstage meeting into a hit single, but it has been years in the making.

“I ran into Travis briefly once at a show backstage and introduced myself,” he tells RADIO.COM. “It was nothing crazy, but we exchanged information, he followed me on social media. We didn’t talk for probably like a year, and then he messaged me on twitter and was like ‘yo are you in LA?’ And I was like, ‘yeah man, we got to get in the studio. I want to play you music.’ And he’s like, ‘yeah for sure, but could you come to Vegas this weekend and open for us?’”

Goody Grace, who grew up on the Pop Punk icons, was now sharing the same stage with them. However, the best was still to come, continuing the relationship and getting the group on “Scumbag.”

After working on the song with the production duo The Futuristics, he sent the song to Travis Barker who jumped in on the drums. Mark Hoppus would also soon also add his bass, but it wasn’t complete.

“I was like, ‘Mark will you sing on it as well?’ So we got in the studio. He came with me and The Futuristics and we wrote the whole little bridge part.”

“The whole song is just me on guitar, Mark on bass, and Travis on drums.”

Knowing that he’s such a huge fan, we had to put him to the test. Check out the exclusive video above as Goody Grace tries his hand at blink-182 trivia.

What indie label was blink first signed to? What was the name of their debut album? What did the band call their very first tour van? See if you know more than Goody Grace, and if you do, you get your own collaboration with the band! Not really, but either way we’ll give you a special performance of “Scumbag” below.

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