The Future of Shows? Drive-In Concerts Held in Denmark and Lithuania

It works like a drive-in movie

May 1, 2020

There has been a lot of gloom and doom lately over the return of concerts, with many projections pointing at them being one of the last type of events to return once the coronavirus pandemic eases.

However, some European countries have begun holding concerts the way you'd typically watch a drive-in movie. In Denmark tickets sold quickly to watch singer/songwriter Mads Langer perform live as concertgoers watched from their cars and tuned into the performance via an FM frequency.

It was the first of what will be more concerts held in the same capacity at the venue. Meanwhile, in Lithuania, a series called Drive In Live has begun at the Palunkio Airfield about 15 miles outside of the country's capital of Vilnius, and has featured several shows already. Stipulations there are that only two people are permitted per car and no one can step outside.

A new poll this week showed that most Americans are apprehensive to return to concerts if a vaccine isn't available, so until one does, this could be an option.

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