Not So Silent Night: How Noel Gallagher Helped Mumford & Sons Find 'Guiding Light'

The Oasis singer might have sparked the song

December 6, 2019

Backstage at RADIO.COM and ALT 92.3’s Not So Silent Night, Marcus Mumford and Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons walked us through the process behind their latest album Delta, talked about the power of radio, and shared a somewhat inspirational run-in with Noel Gallagher of Oasis.

“I was taking a bit of a break because I was a bit worn out by the whole process,” Mumford says of his mindset when he found himself in the pub with Gallagher. “I don’t really enjoy writing actually. I find it quite a traumatic process, and he gave me a bit of a stern talking to.”

“He basically asked what the f*** I was doing if it wasn’t that cause I’m a songwriter.”

Gallagher has his own interesting process when it comes to songs according to Marcus, basically being there as they come from above. “He talks about having his hands out, ready to catch songs as they fall from the sky, because otherwise Bono or Chris Martin will catch them,” he adds as a smile creeps across his face.

However they do it, the talk made an impact. “I went away that week and wrote ‘Guiding Light.’ So you know, it was helpful.”

“Guiding Light” went on to become another ubiquitous hit for Mumford & Sons, ten years after first hitting the airwaves with “Little Lion Man.” The band still gives Alternative radio a lot of credit for taking a chance. “For us it’s been the sort of heart and soul of our career in the states,” Mumford says. “Especially that song to start with, it has like eighteen f-bombs in it and banjo all over it, which at the time was not the kind of thing you play on the radio. But people took a punt on us and it’s been a fun ride ever since.”

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