Not So Silent Night: A Hip Hop Collab for Cage the Elephant?

Plus what their GRAMMY nomination means to them

December 5, 2019

Backstage at RADIO.COM and ALT 92.3’s Not So Silent Night in New York, Cage the Elephant are basking in the glow of a year well done. Despite the personal pain they swam through to achieve their new album, Social Cues, it’s a “blessing” according to the band that it resonates with fans and even earned a nod for Best Rock Album at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards.

“It’s confirmation that the music is connecting with people in some sense,” Brad Schultz explains to RADIO.COM’s Kevan Kenny of the GRAMMY nomination. “It’s a blessing. But everything is. It’s kind of all connected.”

The recognition for Social Cues is a return for the band, who won Best Rock Album in 2017 for Tell Me I’m Pretty. Despite nabbing one of the highest honors in Rock, it’s really the blurring of genre lines that most excites Matt Schultz and the band right now. When we ask them about potential collaborations in the wake of working with Beck and others, it’s Hip Hop that seems front of mind. Starting with A$AP Rocky.

“I thought on his last record he was breaking a lot of perceived boundaries,” Matt recalls. “What I’m really excited about is seeing genre dematerialize. Living in the playlist generation where we have so much at our fingertips, because of these streaming services and the way that music’s become so diverse and culture is evolving, people’s palates are so much more vast I feel like.”

Also add to the list of potential partners, Kanye West. “Honestly I would love to work with Kanye because I think he’s always pushing the boundaries too,” Brad adds.

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