Photo: Pamela Littky

Fall Out Boy Talk Romeo & Juliet-Inspired 'Church' Video

January 19, 2018

By Hayden Wright

Fall Out Boy's highly anticipated new album M A N I A is out today and the band has shared a new video for the track "Church."

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The clip features a pair of star-crossed lovers who connect at a Fall Out Boy show in What unfolds is a story of love and death while the band holds court from the chancel. "There's a Romeo and Juliet idea to it," Pete Wentz told of the new video.

"We shot it in this mausoleum outside of Los’s pretty cinematic, it’s the most cinematic video that we’ve done for the album so far." Wentz also discussed the meaning behind the new album's title. "I think the album is title M A N I A because we live in Manic times," he said.  "You know, or a manic time."

Watch the new video below.