Photo: Tim Cadiente

A Perfect Circle Bring in the New Year with 'Disillusioned': Listen

January 2, 2018

By Jon Wiederhorn

On December 31, 2017, A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan announced that fans would soon receive a "New Years Treat."

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"Have your headphones ready Tuesday Morning. New Years treat," he tweeted. "Find a nice spot under a tree, by water, mountain view, etc. #crypticenough? #apc2018."

Sure enough, this morning (Jan. 2) the band dropped "Disillusioned," from its upcoming album. Softer and less apocalyptic than the previously released "The Doomed," the tuneful, but ominous song features melancholy vocals, atmospheric guitars and a delicate, keyboard-dominated midsection.

"'Disillusioned' comes from a place of overcoming the slide into the numb," said Billy Howerdel in a prepared statement. "It speaks to reconnection and a fresh start to a new year." Maynard James Keenan added: "Attempting new approaches to composing can be intimidating. Especially with an established project with such a recognizable sound. But sometimes you just gotta take the first swing. Only way to grow."

A Perfect Circle's first album in more than ten years is due later this year with a 10" single featuring "The Doomed," which the band released in 2017, as well as "Disillusioned" coming on March 9th.

The full-length follow-up to 2004's eMOTIVe is not yet titled.