The singer/rapper/provocateur also opened up about her dyslexia.

By Hayden Wright

Last night, M.I.A. issued a Twitter rant about President Donald Trump and members of his administration, suggesting that they are mentally ill, but not beyond help. It’s worth noting that M.I.A. doesn’t hold a license for diagnosing personality disorders, so take the following with a grain of salt:

“Mental disorder is serious,” she wrote. “Psychopathic behaviour traits should be analysed in schools / collages etc. I don’t believe there’s no cure! You know trumps office shows signs. They r pathological liers. All politicians should go though vetting for psychopathic behaviour traits.”

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The provocative musician argued we (and specifically, Twitter) have a responsible to help and cure the symptoms she’s witnessed at highest levels of government.

“Twitter doesn’t delete the accounts of people with mental disorder for free speech sake,” wrote M.I.A. “It has to be ‘hate speech’ i.e a racial slur. Since twitter provides a platform to people with disorder. they should fund research on how we can help, prevent and cure people suffering.”

M.I.A. then connected her observations of Donald Trump to her own experience with dyslexia. Most clinical definitions of dyslexia regard it as a “learning disability” rather than a “mental illness,” but she sees common ground.

“I’m an artist,” she wrote. “I’m dyslexic. Over 60% of artists are. Mental illnesses is found in artists too + creative people seek solutions through art 2. To me it’s more important to be responsible with my thoughts and actions and check myself and grow then to spell correctly. I’ve done ok.”

Read the rant in full here:

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