Last night’s GRAMMY Awards got even more interesting when the guys of Twenty One Pilots dropped their pants to accept their award for best pop duo. E! reported that they stripped down to their boxer briefs because of a promise they made to themselves before they were known.

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They explained why during their speech saying:

“This story, it starts in Columbus, Ohio, it was a few years ago and it was before Josh and I were able to make money playing music,” he explained. “I called him up, and I said, ‘Hey Josh, want to come over to my rental house and watch the Grammys? As we were watching, we noticed every single one of us was in our underwear, and seriously, Josh said to me, and we were no one at the time, he turned to me and he said, ‘If we ever go to the Grammys, if we ever win a Grammy, we should receive it just like this.'”

The almost naked moment really did have sentimental value.

Read more HERE.

Nina/Shoboy in the Morning


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